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Adult Home Health Care offers a wide range of non-medical home care services for our San Diego clientele. Our services are available from as little as a few hours a week to 24-hours a day. Let Adult Home Health Care be your complete solution for all your home care needs.

Our personal care attendants are known to be compassionate and caring. We only hire experienced and qualified caregivers that are honest, reliable and dedicated to providing the highest standards of non-medical home care.

We will match your personality type along with your care needs to a Caregiver that will complement those requirements. We are an experienced home care service provider that employs a number of very talented caregivers throughout the Greater San Diego, CA area. Our San Diego home care team can provide support to clients who are elderly, recovering from a debilitating health condition or dealing with a degenerative illness.

Adult Home Health Care can create a service package that is specifically designed to meet the requirements you may have.  Our company has helped hundreds of clients in very different circumstances — from elderly clients with mobility issues through to younger clients recovering from a serious illness.

If you are dealing with a serious medical condition, our staff can help you perform rehabilitation techniques, drive you to medical appointments; remind you to take medications and much more.

Types Of Home Care Support:

Personal Care

Meal Assistance

Light Housekeeping

Daily Reminders

Memory Engagement



24 Hour | Live-In Care

Respite Home Care


Home Care San Diego Non-Medical at Home Care Services

Clients who are elderly, have a mobility problem or are dealing with a serious illness may find day-to-day activities difficult to perform. Some of those regular activities include taking a shower, getting dressed, grooming themselves and using the toilet.

Our personal care services are designed to help a client perform these day-to-day activities. One of our talented caregivers will help you with personal care tasks in the comfort of your own home.

Adult Home Health Care’s staff always performs personal care services with great care, professionalism, respect, and diligence. Some of the personal care activities our caregivers can assist with include:

• Bathing | Showering

• Bed Baths

• Undressing | Dressing

• Hygiene

• Grooming

• Standing by for Safety

• Cleaning Hearing Aids

• Nail Care (filing only)

• Incontinence | Toileting

• Re-positioning

• Ambulating

• Assist Climbing Stairs

• Light Stretching

• Exercise Assistance

• Range of Motion

• Assist In & Out of Bed


Home Care San Diego Caregiver Serving Meal Senior

Eating a healthy diet is always important, but particularly so if you are elderly or dealing with a serious illness.  Our Caregivers can make delicious meals that are designed to meet your nutritional requirements. We will plan your meals which are suitable for people with specific health or dietary requirements.  Many of our Caregivers are also talented cooks who can prepare meals in our non-medical home care program.  They can even make meals based on your favorite recipes! Some of diet and meal assistance services we provide include:


Home Care San Diego Caregiver Assistance for Seniors ADL

If you are an elderly person who is dealing with a mobility issue or you have a serious illness — housekeeping can become very difficult. In some cases, it can become dangerous to perform housework if you have limited mobility. It is easy to slip on a wet floor or fall while attempting to move trash bins.

Adult Home Health Care can provide caregivers who are highly experienced at performing domestic duties. They work very efficiently and can clean your home thoroughly. Our staff is trained to understand the health risks in a home and the cleaning techniques required to create a hygienic living environment. We are experienced in many aspects of non-medical home care.

With non-medical home care, you can rest assured that the job will be done to a very high standard, leaving your home clean and hygienic.

Your home will also look and smell fantastic, ready for you to invite some guests over! Some of the light housekeeping services we provide include:

• Vacuum | Sweep Floors

• Wet Mop the Floors

• Dust | Polish Furniture

• Clean the Mirrors

• Clean the Bathroom

• Make the Bed

• Clean Kitchen Surfaces

• Wash the Dishes

• Clean the Appliances

• Wash | Dry the Laundry

• Trash Removal

• Clean Inside the Fridge


Caregiver on the phone for senior

Non-medical home care staff can also help a client keep on top of common tasks like managing their daily appointments, taking medications correctly, answering the phone, checking the mail and much more. For clients who are elderly, very busy or suffering from a chronic health condition — dealing with these common tasks can be difficult.

Some of the ways home care can help include:



Cognitive decline is very common in an elderly person and the rates of dementia are very high in people over 65-years of age. To maintain cognitive function and reduce the risk of dementia, it is important for the elderly to remain mentally active.

Our non-medical home care staff can perform a variety of activities with clients to help them remain mentally alert, engaged and happy! These activities can reduce the risk of dementia and slow the progression of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Lewy body dementia.

A few of the activities that can help slow the progression include:

• Vitamin D Sun Exposure

• Date | Day Orientation

• News | Event Updates

• Puzzles | Cards

• Reading

• Clipping Coupons

• Photos | Reminiscing

• Play | Listen to Music

• Watching Sports

• Memory Games

• Proverb Exercises

• Adult Coloring


Home Care San Diego Caregiver Senior Balboa Park Outing

Adult Home Health Care offers safe and reliable assisted transportation service. Whether it’s shopping across town, visiting with friends, an afternoon of sightseeing, or a doctor visit – you can count on one our highly-qualified caregivers to transport you or your loved one safely and in a timely, professional manner.

In addition to our extensive background checks, our non-medical home care providers must pass a driving record check, and have evidence of current auto insurance. You can be at ease with them driving your vehicle or their own and should you need assistance entering or exiting the vehicle, we will be with you every step of the way.

Some of our popular outings include:

• Appointments

• From Hospital to Home

• Special Events

• Movies or Concerts

• Club Meetings

• Religious Services

• Family Gatherings

• Grocery Shopping

• Sightseeing

• Visiting Senior Centers

• Visiting Parks

• Getting Some Fresh Air


San Diego Home Care Senior Nurse Care

We will create a program to keep your loved one engaged and entertained. Home care activities that they will enjoy include:

• Chaperoned to outdoor activities such as, going to the park, beach, bird watching, and the zoo.

• Accompany to social events such as brunches, luncheons, party gatherings and restaurants.

• Mental awareness stimulation with having engaging and intellectual conversations.

• Brain stimulation with playing games, cards, assembling puzzles, model cars and planes.

• Reading them their favorite book.

• Arranging and escorting them with regular family and friend visits.

• Assist with their hobbies such as arts and crafts, gardening, cooking, knitting and sewing.

Studies on healthy companionship and connections can lift your mood, improve cardiovascular health, and speed recovery from trauma, surgery and illness. Stimulate and keep your loved one engaged with our Companionship Care services. Go down memory lane and share or exchange life experiences with our companion caregivers. When making a caregiver and client match, we carefully consider skill set, personality and shared interests.

Our non-medical home care companions will encourage you or your loved one to stay active in an enjoyable way such as a drive to the beach, park, or to a good show downtown. You may just want to work on a fun project at home. You or your loved one will benefit from daily stimulation and encouragement from the companionship provided by our caregivers.


• 1 to 4 caregivers work in rotation with 8, 12 or 24 hour shifts.

• Around the clock provides protection from falls or wondering.

• Having fewer caregivers provide continuity and familiar care.

• Services are charged at a daily rate rather than an hourly rate.

• No overtime charges compared to hourly care services.

• Discounted rates compared to regular hourly care service rates.



Are you caring for someone? Do you need a break? Our Respite Program may be a great fit for you! Our trained caregiver will provide all your home care needs allowing caregivers to enjoy a break, go to appointments or engage in other activities that contribute to reducing stress levels. The respite breaks are determined by your needs. What is Respite Home Care? Many family or friend caregivers provide home care support to their senior family, friends to help keep them safe. Family and friend caregivers require time off to relax or take care of their own needs. Our respite care services can assist and be very helpful during that time. We can provide family or friend caregivers with a much needed break and also ensures that their loved one is still receiving the care that is required. You can utilize our Respite care from a few hours a day to around the clock care for as long as you may need.

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