Stroke Recovery Care

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Stroke Recovery Care

Adult Home Health Care provides stroke recovery care services for residents in the Greater San Diego, CA area for individuals that have suffered a stroke. Within the United States alone stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability. In fact, on average someone in the U.S. has a stroke every 40 seconds. After someone survives a stroke there are physical, emotional and behavioral changes, such as, feeling lost and alone while having difficulty performing your daily activities. These challenging experiences that both of you can go through can cause feelings of uncertainty, helplessness and confusion. This can make it difficult to deal with the immediate challenges of everyday life of whether your loved one can gain back their independence and remain at home on their own.

Adapting at Home After a Stroke

After your loved one survives a stroke it can be very difficult and challenging to adapt at home physically and mentally. Stroke survivors may have the following repercussions: Weakness, paralysis or numbness on one side of the body, problems with balance or coordination, difficulty with memory or thinking and bowel or bladder control problems. Recovery after a stroke with these limitations may be a lifelong process. Stroke survivors often have physical limitations in what they can do at home. This recovery may include gaining strength and independence so that they can return to their regular activities of daily living. Resuming old activities at home can be physically and emotionally challenging for your loved one. Also, the physical and emotional difficulties that come from surviving a stroke and recovering at home can create overwhelming stress for both you.

What Can We Do For You?

This is where Adult Home Health Care can help. After surviving a stroke our experienced caregivers can eliminate the challenges of everyday life for both you and your loved one. Our Stroke Recovery Care professionals is your helping hand in this recovering process. Our caregivers are well trained and familiar with the many challenges where a stroke survivor may require support during their recovery process.

Our In-Home Caregivers Can:
  • Housekeeping
  • Personalized Nutritious Meal Preparation
  • Medication Reminders
  • Re-positioning
  • Assistance with Mobility
  • Home Safety Inspection to Prevent Falls and Injuries
  • Assistance with Bathing
  • Assistance with Personal Hygiene
  • Dressing and Personal Care
  • Supervision and Assistance of your Prescribed Home Exercise Program
  • Assisted Transportation Services: Errands, Grocery Shopping, Doctor Appointments and Therapy

Adult Home Health Care understands the post-stroke recovery process deals with emotional, mental and physical stress for both you and your loved one. Our specialized caregivers can offer the support needed to make this recovery process less challenging. Each stroke survivor requires different needs during their recovery process.  Our Adult Home Health Care team will personalize their assistance according to the clients’ needs.

Making a Home Safer After a Stroke
  • Position furniture against walls and corners to prevent bumps and bruises. Padding can also be applied to sharp corners and edges.
  • Secure electrical cords by applying duct tape or securing them against walls or floors to prevent tripping hazards.
  • If stroke survivor is in a wheelchair or walker, install appropriate flooring to provide mobility.
  • Eliminate any throw rugs and runners or secure them with double adhesive carpet tape to prevent tripping hazards.
  • Provide assistive equipment in the bathroom. This consists of a raised toilet seat, tub bench, handheld shower head and grab bars in the shower.
  • Provide a portable alarm system that allows stroke survivors to call for assistance when needed.
  • Provide telephone access in each room with emergency numbers posted.
  • Doorways should be wide enough for a wheelchair or walker.
  • Provide handrails and ramps.
  • Clear walkways.

Adult Home Health Care offers a safety site inspection and a referral to a handyman service to insure your loved one’s home is safe. Trust Adult Home Health Care and our stroke recovery care plan with helping your loved one recover.

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