Resistance to Home Care

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Resistance to Home Care

In this Adult Home Health Care San Diego article, we take a look at one of the toughest challenges we face when caring for the elderly; a loved one who exhibits resistance to home care.

How can we help a loved one who doesn’t want help? Understanding how resistance develops and gaining insight into the elderly psyche are essential tools in overcoming this challenging situation.

What Causes Seniors to be Resistant?

Resistance to home care often occurs when your elderly loved one is dealing with a loss; physical loss, mental loss or the loss of independence. These losses lead your loved one to feel frightened, vulnerable, ashamed, or angry that he or she can no longer take care of themselves. Denial is a common attribute of resistance and can be a coping mechanism in order to maintain autonomous control of their life. Fears, such as losing control, a decline in health, decreased income, or the death of friends often compound the denial.

Personality traits may also play into the resistance to home care and denial, and people who have a lifelong reputation for being fiercely independent or stubborn will manifest a denial or resistance to care in a much stronger fashion. In all cases, a change in the level of autonomy can be extremely threatening to an individual.

Dealing With Resistance

At Adult Home Health Care, our first and most important priority is to provide the best possible outcome for your loved one. Key to this mission is establishing the all-important patient-caregiver relationship, which allows a balance between patient goals and the home care goals established by your medical professional.

The Expected and The Unexpected

Often, resistance to care comes at a shock for the family of an elderly person. This is to be expected, as none of us finds it easy to imagine a time when we may not be able to manage independently. At Adult Home Health Care, we are constantly following up with our caregivers that the care plan is being executed correctly, and if there is any resistance to care to be resolved.

We also understand that resistance can be extremely unexpected, and are able to make recommendations that have been proven to work with our clients. For instance, getting your loved one involved in their daily activities is one way to promote independence. Making a checklist of duties or planning a day’s schedule will ensure we meet their needs.

Seniors Accepting Home Care

Ultimately, overcoming your loved one’s resistance to care comes down to persistence, reassurance, and a strong personal bond with their caregiver. No matter how difficult it may be, the caregivers at Adult Home Health Care are passionately dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcome for your loved one, and have the proven experience and strategies that are essential in overcoming any resistance to care you may encounter with your loved one.

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