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Adult Home Health Care Questions & Answers

What questions should I be asking when shopping for home care agencies?
From Sarah in La Jolla, CA

Hi Sarah, This is the most commonly asked question that we receive.  I have composed a short list of questions that I hope will help you when shopping for home care agencies:

  • Is the home care agency licensed with the Home Care Services Bureau (HCSB)? This bureau is new for Home Care Agencies for 2016 and is regulated by the Department of Social Services. The HCSB requires home care agencies to register with the Department of Social Services, live-scan fingerprint their caregivers, test for TB every 2 years, ensure their caregivers receive annual training, and to have liability, workers’ compensation, and bonding insurances for your protection.
  • Is your company accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? The BBB conducts extensive research on the Home Care Agencies to ensure they are legitimate businesses and in good standing with the community. The BBB offers negative and positive reviews which can be helpful in making your decision.
  • Do they offer live client testimonials so that you can speak with their past or current clients? Asking their clients questions that are the most important to you will give you a good idea if they are a fit for you.  Written testimonials are great but actually speaking with their client is the best.
  • Are you able to meet the caregiver beforehand?  Meeting the caregiver to see if you like the caregiver’s personality is key.  Adult Home Health Care offers mini-meets so that you are able to meet with your personal caregiver prior to the first day of service to ensure that you are a great fit.
  • What are the agencies hours of operation?  Reaching a live person after hours is important.  Having 24/7 support is a must to having home care in place.  Adult Home Health Care is available to you 24 hours a day and you will reach an actual person.
  • What are their rates? Most agency rates should range from $23 to $26 per hour. Anything lower should raise red flags that you may be hiring an agency that is employing 1099 contracted caregivers that are not covered with the required insurances and not registered with the HCSB. Anything higher and you are overpaying for home care services.

Can your caregivers manage my mom's medications for her?
From Jeremy in San Diego, CA:

Yes, we do offer medication management; however, our caregivers are only allowed to remind your mom to take her medications.  We have Registered Nurses (RN) and Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) who can manage her medications.

What areas do you offer your services?
From Liz in Clairemont, CA:

We service all of San Diego County.

Why is it important for a home care agency to be accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?
From Samantha in San Diego, CA:

Great question Samantha.  For home care agencies the BBB accreditation is an important factor because it ensures home care companies follow a strict standard of conduct that protects the consumer and some of them include:

  • Establish and uphold a positive track record in the market place for at least 1 year and agree to maintain home care licensing and bonding requirements per federal and state regulations.
  • Market honorably and abide by an established standard of promoting and selling home care services that are mandated by federal, state and local advertising regulations.
  • To ensure that home care agencies avoid misleading their clients by creating a false image in their company. Including but not limited to: sponsorship, endorsement, popularity, credibility, quality of services/products, the size of their home care business through abuse of logos, photographs, client testimonials, or other additional means.
  • To be honest and to always tell the truth about their home care products and services available. Agree to disclose all home care policies and procedures when it comes to the customer’s decision to purchase home care services and products.
  • Abide by and fulfill all home care written agreements, contracts, and verbal representations. Home care agencies agree to correct mistakes as quickly as possible.
  • Address and respond to all disputes in the home care marketplace in a professional, timely, and good faith manner.
  • Agree to respect the client’s privacy.  Secure the client’s data and honor the client’s preferences.
  • Ensure the home care business is committed to operating with integrity in the marketplace.

My Mom's case manager / social worker from our hospital recommended some home care agencies to choose from for when she gets discharged from the hospital. How will I know they are the best option for her?
From Terry in La Mesa, CA:

Hi Terry, I hope your mom’s recovery goes well.  Many hospitals and/or rehabilitation facilities’ case managers and/or social workers are limited with home care referrals to their own internal agency list.  Just because they are referring you an agency does not mean they are the best fit for you.  If hospitals and/or rehab facilities included every home care agency on their list it would be too overwhelming for the client to choose from.  Always ask your friends and family and research the agency yourself. Do not rely on one referral source. To help you ask the right questions refer to Question: What should I be asking when shopping for home care agencies?  I hope this was helpful with making your decision.

We need 24/7 care for our Dad but can't afford the cost of in-home care. What other options do we have?
From Rose in Escondido, CA:

Hi Rosa, We can help. We understand that in-home care services may not fit into everyone’s budget. There are other options for senior care. Some of those options include: board and cares or assisted living facilities.  We offer complimentary home placement service.  Our affiliate will help you navigate the confusing choices of board and cares and assisted living facilities.  They take into account your budget, care needs, and desired area.  For more information on this service check out our Home Placement page. Please call our office and we can schedule a meeting for you with our affiliate. Office: 619-940-6561

My grandma only requires 2 hours of care per day for bathing and hygiene assistance. Do you require a minimum number of hours of care per visit or have a minimum requirement for the number of days per week?
From Shelly in La Jolla, CA:

Hi Shelly, We currently have a 2 Hour Bathing and Hygiene Package available.  In the future if she were to require more assistance beyond bathing and hygiene then she can transition into our 4 hour minimum visit with no minimum number of visits per week.  You may have as little as one visit per week or as many as she would need.

In most cases, a typical home care agency will charge you a premium rate of $40 – $50 per hour for anything less than a 4 hour visit.  For nearly the same price, you can receive more care with our 4 hour visit.  This is why we encourage our clients to take advantage of our 4 hour minimum visit and have our caregivers assist your grandmother with additional items, such as, household chores, errands, range of motion activities, exercises, companionship, etc.

Many families under estimate their loved ones care requirements.  We can help you evaluate her needs to promote her health and quality of life.  Please call our office at 619-940-6561 for a free in-home consultation and we can explain all the available options.

If I choose Adult Home Health Care as my home care provider will you require a long term contract?
From Bill in Coronado, CA:

Absolutely no contracts are required. To protect both parties involved we require agreements to be signed which explain a description of services provided and an agreement to our rates.  To be courteous to our caregivers, we ask for a 2 week notice to end services.

What makes your home care agency different than the rest?
From Anna in Spring Valley, CA:

That is a great question Anna.  We are asked that question often. That is why we dedicated a page on our website explaining the differences.  Please check out The Adult Home Health Care Difference page.

In the past my parents have been resistant to having an in-home caregiver. I'm concerned for their well-being. What can I do?
From Gary in Vista, CA:

I completely understand your concern for them Gary and it’s something to be concerned about.  We have faced this behavior with seniors in the past and have been able to overcome this issue.  I am going to refer you to our Resistance to Home Care page. It should answer most of your questions. Please call our office and we can discuss the best options for your parents. Office: 619-940-6561

My mother has suffered from a stroke and is in recovery. I feel that she needs a higher level of skill than an average caregiver offers. What level of skills do your caregivers have?
From Janice in Carlsbad, CA:

I’m sorry to hear this Janice.  Rest assured she will be in good hands with our agency.  We definitely have highly skilled caregivers to assist your mom during this difficult time. We have access to nursing students and nursing graduates because of our relationship with the various nursing schools in San Diego.  We also have Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) and Home Health Aides (HHA) available.  Call our office at 619-940-6561 and we can discuss your options and select the perfect personal caregiver for your mother.

Will my Medi-Cal or Medicare Part B insurance pay for home care services or home care medical equipment?
From Ben in Hillcrest, CA:

Hi Ben, I wish it did pay for our services and products. Unfortunately, it does not cover our non-medical home care services or home care medical equipment. The industry standard for acceptable payments for non-medical home care services are private pay, long-term care insurance, or VA Aid and Attendance for Veterans or Surviving Spouses of Veterans (more information at Veteran Affairs Pension Plan).  Please check out our Payment Options page for more information. Call our office to set up a free in-home consultation 619-940-6561.  We would love to help you.

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